Art, Writing & Music

Stephanie Mills - www.smillswriter.com

Little ARTshram - www.littleartshram.org

Earthwork Music - www.earthworkmusic.com

Deep Wood Press - www.deepwoodpress.com

Crooked Tree Arts Council - www.crookedtree.org

Alliance of Artists Communities - www.artistscommunities.org

Michigan Writers - www.michwriters.org

Dennos Museum Center - www.dennosmuseum.org

Works of Wendell Berry - www.brtom.org/wb/berry.html

Ran Prieur - www.ranprieur.com

Real People Media - www.realpeoplemedia.org

Food and Farming

Edible Grande Traverse - www.ediblegrandetraverse.com

Providence Farm CSA - www.csafarms.org/providencefarm.asp

Eco-Learning Center - www.ecolearningcenter.org

Eden Foods - www.edenfoods.com

Beginning Farmers - www.beginningfarmers.org

Martha Wagbo Farm & Education Center - wagbofarm.blogspot.com/

Michigan Barn Preservation Network - www.mibarn.net

Community Self-Reliance (includes Sustainable Living)

Bay Bucks Local Currency - www.baybucks.org

E.F. Schumacher Society - www.smallisbeautiful.org

Bioneers - www.bioneers.org

SEEDS - www.ecoseeds.org

Great Lakes Bioneers - www.glbconference.org

Taste the Local Difference - www.localdifference.org

Aprovecho Research Center - www.aprovecho.net

Conservation Economy - www.conservationeconomy.net

Redefining Progress - www.rprogress.org

Sustainable Measures - www.sustainablemeasures.com

Sustainable Detroit - www.sustainabledetroit.org

Taking the Natural Step - www.context.org/ICLIB/IC41/Hawken2.htm

The Simple Living Network - www.simpleliving.net

Transition Culture - www.transitionculture.org

Environmental Organizations

Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council - www.nmeac.org

Michigan Land Use Institute - www.mlui.org

The Land Institute - www.landinstitute.org

Clean Water Action - www.cleanwateraction.org

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council - www.watershedcouncil.org

Social Justice Organizations

The Neahtawanta Research and Education Center - www.nrec.org

Traverse Peace Alerts - traversepeacealerts.org

Natural Design Sites

Pattern Language Online - www.patternlanguage.com

Building Living Neighborhoods - www.livingneighborhoods.org

Green Home Building - www.greenhomebuilding.com

A Greener Office - www.agreeneroffice.co.uk/home.htm

Architypes - www.architypes.net

Build it Solar - www.builditsolar.com

House Alive! - www.housealive.org

Got Wind - www.gotwind.org

Guided Tour on Wind Energy - extended link

Dirt Cheap Builder - www.dirtcheapbuilder.com

Our Cool House - www.ourcoolhouse.com

Solviva - www.solviva.com

Favorite Blogs of the Moment

Materialicious - www.materialicious.com

Torch Lake Views - torchlakeviews.wordpress.com

Design Observer - www.designobserver.com

Cool Tools - www.kk.org/cooltools

Seth Godin - sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog

The Archdruid Report - thearchdruidreport.blogspot.com

Permaculture Design Reference

Energy Design Tools - www2.aud.ucla.edu/energy-design-tools

Energy Plus Software - extended link

Permaculture Activist Magazine - www.permacultureactivist.net

Plants for a Future - www.pfaf.org

Sun or Moon Altitude/Azimuth Table - extended link

Convert your Address to Lat/Lon - extended link

Edible Forest Gardening - www.edibleforestgardens.com

The Best of Our Local Businesses (Antrim, Leelanau & Grand Traverse Counties)

Short's Brewing Company - www.shortsbrewing.com

Oryana Natural Foods Market - www.oryana.coop

Green Island - www.gogreenisland.com

Higher Grounds Fair Trade Coffee - www.highergroundstrading.com

Pleasanton Bakery - www.pleasantonbakery.com

Shetler Family Dairy - www.shetlermilk.com

Odom Re-Use - odomreuse.com

Anahatna Balance - www.anahatabalance.com

Organic Kombucha Culture - www.organic-kombucha.com

Leelanau Cultured Veggies - www.culturedveggies.com

Botanical Garden Society of NW Michigan - www.northwestmichigangarden.org

Bellaire Smokehouse - www.bellairesmokehouse.com

Matt Joppich Furniture - www.mattjoppich.com

Porcupine Hollow Farm - www.porkyfarm.com

Cottage in a Day - www.cottageinaday.com

Porterhouse Productions - www.porterhouseproductions.com

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photo:darlene at Earthwork Harvest Gathering

Darlene with a Hula Whoop at the 2007 Earthwork Music Harvest Gathering. Thanks to Board Member John Lindenmayer for the photo!

photo:Chad Pastotnik at Deep Wood Press

Chad Pastotnik at Deep Wood Press, impeccable craftsman and new projet partner for ISLAND!

photo: Brandon Foote, Claudia Schmidt and Seth Bernard

Brandon Foote, Claudia Schmidt and Seth Bernard, three rare treasures who all call Michigan home.

photo: wendell berry

Wendell Berry (pictured here 30 years ago), whose essays, poems and novels have been a constant source of inspiration and challenge.

photo: stephanie mills

Stephanie Mills, another one of those rare treasures we're honored to call a friend.

photo: chris jody treter at the Higher Grounds Coffee Bar

Chris Treter of Higher Grounds, a local fair trade coffee bar and model for social justice activism.

photo: Sharon Flesher, Diane Conners and Bruce Odom

Sharon Flesher (Bay Bucks), Diane Conners (Michigan Land Use Institute) and Bruce Odom (Odom Reuse, one of the leading edge material re-use businesses in the country) at a meeting of the minds at our first Relocalizing Event in 2006.

photo: Dave Jacke

Dave Jacke, author of Edible Forest Gardens and blower of minds.

photo: Jayne Walker and Jayson Spaulding

How to tell if someone is worthy of your honor, friendship and esteem? A "Y" where usually there is no Y. Jayne Leatherman Walker (eco-learning center) and Jayson Spaulding (Great Lakes Bioneers), two permaculturally minded mentors to us.

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