Sunday Soup Artist Application

Download a simple text file application in case you're having trouble with the PDF.

Folks, sad to say the August 21 Sunday Soup is cancelled. We just aren't getting enough applications to move forward.

We realize we're missing something here—so artists, tell us, what's keeping you from applying? The fee? Is it our definition of "a project"? Technical errors on the site? Problems with the application? Don't need the cash? Let us know.

We want to keep this model of supporting local artists with community money alive, and we're listening.

Send comments, questions, suggestions, gripes and praise to Amanda Kik at amanda@artmeetsearth.org.

sunday soup: supporting artists in northwest lower michigan

How it works

Artists from the ten-county area apply for Sunday Soup support for a specific art project. Artists of all ages, all stages of their career and all disciplines may apply. Individual artists or collaborative groups are welcome. A small application fee covers the costs of the event.

In the meantime, we use community donations to buy fresh, delicious food from local farmers and food artisans: seasonal veggies, salad greens, fresh baked bread and our community’s best wine and beer.

From the pool of applicants a jury selects three to five art projects to present each month. These artists begin preparing a two-to-five minute long presentation about their project.

We work with local chefs at The Cooks’ House to make one or two awesome soups. At least one soup is vegan. We pair those soups with big fresh salads, dips and bread. We crack some wine or tap a keg of local beer.

On Sunday night folks come out to 417 Union St. They donate a sliding scale of $5 to $20 to get a meal ticket and an artist ballot (secretly disguised as a soup spoon).

Folks enjoy a delicious meal and good company, and then hear three proposals from area artists working on new projects.

After the presentation, folks vote by dropping their spoons in an artist's bucket. We tally the cash and count the spoons, and then announce the winner. The winner takes the cash and gets to work.

Next month we do it all again, with past winners coming in to present on their projects. Every dollar from the meal tickets goes to the winning artists.

For more information, contact Amanda at amanda@artmeetsearth.org or 231-480-4515.

sunday soup photo sunday soup photo sunday soup photo sunday soup photo sunday soup photo sunday soup photo sunday soup photo

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