You can now volunteer for ISLAND!

We're looking for a few folks with a few hours to give toward a few select projects this spring and summer. Read below, see if you're interested, and contact us to get involved!

Property and Building Team

Folks Needed: 6-20

Time Committment: half-full days, weekends throughout the summer

Want to help design and build the ISLAND infrastructure? We'll be starting this summer with a couple outbuildings, including a natural-built toolshed (strawbale? timberframe? both?) with mounted solar panels and a timberframed woodshop. No experience required, but you've got to be willing to get in and work! Bystanders need not apply. We'll provide the tools and keep you well fed and watered.

You should be physically fit enough to spend the day standing and walking and working. You should be able to commit at least two full days this summer, and more is preferred. You should have a good sense of your own abilities so we can find projects that are challenging but not dangerous or frustrating for you. You should dress for the weather and wear clothes you can get dirty (including good boots). We will provide coffee, water, juice and meals, and all tools and materials.

I'm interested!


Folks Needed: 1 or 2 per event

Time Commitment: length of the event

We're willing to offer free admission to ISLAND events if you're willing to take high quality photos for our archives. You need your own digital camera and a willingness to take a few dozen shots an hour. Of course, the ability to take pictures without disrupting the event is key. We'll be looking for folks all year!

I'm interested!

Skill Sharing Research

Folks Needed: a few from time to time

Time Commitment: an hour or two

Our DIY Skills page needs some loving — we need folks to research practical skills and post .pdfs or text directions to the site. You should be a solid writer and a decent researcher; web development skills are not needed.

I'm interested!

Street Team!

Folks Needed: A bunch all over

Time Commitment: varies, 15 minutes to a few hours

We need a person or two in Petoskey, Charlevoix, Elk Rapids, Traverse City, Leelanau County, Kalkaska, Grayling, etc. who can pick out a half dozen places to hang posters for upcoming events. 3-5 times a year we'll either email you .pdfs to print and hang or we'll send you a small packet of posters. Take them to coffee shops, libraries, bookstores, pubs and wherever else you think folks will find out about the great events we're hosting! You can also help by sending us contact information (usually email or a web site) for local media community calendars, or by finding like-minded organizations that might be willing to cross-pollinate on projects.

I'm interested!

Finding Friends

Folks Needed: 1 or more

Time Commitment: varies, 15 minutes to a few hours

This is a simple task for anyone who doesn't live near us, helping us grow our mailing list, obtain contributions of books, tools or money, find partner organizations and generally spread the word about this important work!

I'm interested!

Improving the Library

Folks Needed: 1-4

Time Commitment: 4-6 hours on 1-2 days

Get first look at our complete library! Though we have the books mostly in place, we need a small team of people to comb through all 2000+ titles looking for damaged books, titles that don't belong, duplicates, overly-specific dewey numbers, etc. We'll show you how to do all of that. We also need folks to enter new books into the database, prep them for the shelves, post books for sale online and add books to Paperback Swap for trading.

This is a relaxed job for one or two people, and will take place in the basement of our current house about once every month or two. Coffee, snacks, good music and a meal will be provided! You can be the first to get your official ISLAND library card too!

I'm interested!

photo:CCC boys surveying thinning area, Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota

Doug with the auto level finding 2' elevations off of the main road.

image: contour levels from DEM data

The property design is coming together and it's time to build!

photo: creating a base map for Permaculture deisgn work

We're making big maps of the property and drawing in our rough ideas for where to place the gardens, house, barn, woodpile, etc. This photo is from Dave Jacke's Permaculture course where Brad learned all of this.

photo: our old shelving

Once upon a time these shelves held our entire library. Now we've got ten times this many books, and could use some help wrestling the ISLAND library into shape!

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